The Dutch Kingdom
The Dutch Kingdom




August 23, 2012




(x=-581, y=+71, z=+3622)


Hub 7F


Yo4you, DarkBee, Nanaki85, KeysOfMyMind, Ferdi , TWODIMENSIONALUS & superbaslove

Forum Thread


The Dutch Kingdom is a community with an (for the time being) exclusive membership acces for Dutch-speaking participants of the Minecraft Awesome server. The community is still young, but it's flourishing by the second. We do not have one exclusive theme, so any builds, with permission of the leader/king, are allowed. TDK is led by his king/leader Satekroket, second in command are Beach Lord Yo4you & Ambassador DarkBee.


  • No griefing/stealing or any other violations of the general server rules.
  • All builds (even houses) must be approved by the Community leader.
  • Make sure your build is well lit.
  • Sprites/pixel art are allowed at Pixel Beach.
  • If anything gets destroyed by Creepers or otherwise, it's your responsibility to fix the destroyed blocks/objects.
  • Have fun!

Points of InterestEdit

  • Castle Dutch
  • Cafe New Amsterdam (Replica of TDK's New Years Eve 2013 Build)
  • Coffeeshop Jah Man!
  • The Albert Heijn Community Supermarket
  • The Gentlemen's Club
  • The Crew Canalhouses
  • The Mill
  • Pixelstreet
  • The sheep & tree farm (free to use)
  • Embassy Street


  • Our official flag
  • Pixel Art Beach

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