Nexus Proles
Nexus Proles
Nexus Proles


Private Build / Residence



chaosentety, darkness_drago


(x=-2440, y=+104, z=-8197)


Hub 2F



Nexus Proles (meaning "Nexus Offspring") was originally just Nexus Castle situated in the Old World. When the New World came to pass, Nexus Castle was rebuilt and the place around it called "Nexus Proles".

It is a private build with currently only two members. There is no theme for any of the builds, so it might come across as a bit disorganized.

Currently, people who ask one of the leaders may come and visit, but uninvited guests are frowned upon. Also worth noting is that it is still a work in progress and so most of it is still unlit and dangerous to outsiders.

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