Hunger Games
Minecraft Hunger Games
Minecraft Hunger Games


Event Ended


1st: June 9th, 2012
2nd: July 7th, 2012


12:00pm PDT (GMT-7)


CliffJameston, mlamascese52


Battle Royale

Members ("Staff")

"Camera Men"

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Minecraft Hunger Games

Adding this note due to multiple users expressing interest: This event no longer occurs. It may or may not happen again sometime in the future, however at this point in time there are no plans.

While this event will not occur on the Minecraft Awesome Server, it is still a Minecraft event involving the Video Games Awesome community, and as such has a place on this wikia.

This event, begun by CliffJameston and mlamascese52, is a Minecraft style battle royale, inspired by the Hunger Games book series / movie. They will be hosting the matches on CliffJameston's server and will use a pre-made, downloaded map that will not be available to participants until the time of the games. The map includes secret passageways and chests with special items to allow players to get the upper-hand on one another, dependent on how observant they are and sometimes how much of a risk they're willing to take.

Given the amount of interest before the first games have even taken place, this event will likely return at later dates.

The event will be streamed on CliffJameston's Twitch Channel. He will be using multiple accounts as "camera men" in order to best capture what is happening during the event. In order to do so, CliffJameston has been doing donation-drive-streams to raise enough money to buy the extra accounts, as well as a new video card and 4 more GB of RAM so that his computer will be powerful enough to run the server, accounts, and the stream simultaneously.

While it would be difficult to enforce, participants are encouraged NOT to watch the stream until AFTER they have been killed, in order to keep the games as fair as possible.


A list of the participants, updated by mlamascese52, can be found here. At the time of this edit, there are 37 potential participants.


A list of rules currently being considered can be found here. When the rules become "set in stone", they will be listed on this page.